Kirk Kelly of Florida did the unthinkable. The 24 year old chewed off his own fingertips in attempt to conceal his identity. WTF?

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A Florida fugitive was arrested in Ohio for selling drugs and illegal guns but while being arrested tired to chew off his own fingertips to hide his identity from police.

Kirk Kelly has been on the run from police for months on firearm and drug charges. Police officers pulled him over along with three other people for a license plate violation last week. All four waited inside a police car while officers searched their car after smelling drugs.

Kelly first tried to hide who he really was by using his brother’s name. Police said they would use a portable fingerprint scanner to confirm his identity. Officers believe Kelly overheard them and chewed off the tip of his fingers to make his fingerprints impossible to read.

Police say Kelly gave false names as they tried to identify him. They say they figured out who he is after photos of his tattoos were provided by police in Florida, where he’s wanted on firearms and drug charges.
Kirk Kelly is a lunatic. Lol! Would you chew off your fingertips to avoid being identified by police? Comment below and tell us.

Source: NBC Miami