Bobby Shmurda has been locked up for over 430 days now facing charges for drugs, weapons possession, and conspiracy at a Westchester County Jail. The 21 year-old Brooklyn MC has been denied bail now for the 7th time in January, which only leads him to believe his constitutional rights are being violated because the New York District Attorney has got it in for him. Hit the jump to hear about Shmurda’s next move once he is finally released.

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Bobby Shmurda told Revolt TV:

“When I get home, I ain’t even gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about getting into politics and everything because this thing gotta stop. I’m ready to get into social injustice and start protesting. I’m about to really be getting in tune with [this] because it’s crazy what the system is doing and how it’s not even following its own laws.”

Listen to the 2 minute reveal below: