Over the weekend, former Hot Boys rapper Turk launched a GoFundMe campaign, in an effort to raise a whopping $5 million.

“Without going in details for those who know me know that I am a very good husband and a caring father to my son and twins. Today I come to you for help because I am in a 5 million dollar debt and it’s getting hard trying to pay it off on top of everything else,” the page read.

Turk was accused of shooting a cop and did a significant amount of jail time for it, and it looks like he’s having trouble getting on his feet now that he’s free.

“There is no secret stash. This isn’t a conspiracy theory,” Turk wrote on Instagram, when people began questioning why he needed the money. “This is what happens when a man faces his actions, does his time and returns home to live free. The debt to society has been paid. The restitution has been paid. Now you want to go for broke and take from a man what he doesn’t have.”

$550 had been raised as of this morning, but the campaign and all related Instagram posts have now been removed. Hmm – too much backlash? Let us know what you think it was!

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Source: HHW