Iggy Azalea got a chance to speak on a lot of the criticism she has received within the last year of her career. Azalea began to talk about how she feels she has gotten “Villainized So Badly.”

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She says,

“I feel like I got villainized so badly last year, to the point where I wasn’t even a person anymore. I just became this thing that everyone laughed at and would write awful things about—I think people forgot I was a person. People don’t have to like me, but I would appreciate it if they would still consider the fact that I’m a human being.”

Azalea says that her soon to be husband, Nick Young is not a fan of the comments people make about her.

“You think Nick likes to hear that his fiancée doesn’t care about Black Lives Matter? Trust me, it was not fun last year in this house.”

Azalea says people use to send her horrible notes telling her to kill herself.

“No one wants to be told that they should kill themselves and that they’re like Hitler a hundred times a day; it’s not nice. At that point it goes beyond criticism, and, trust me, I can handle criticism; if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be here with a second album, still standing.”

She says no matter what people say, they can never interfere with her love for hip-hop.

“Certain people who don’t like me think that I don’t love rap music, but I love rap music. I love it like it’s my fucking husband. I think a lot of people in hip-hop have a tough time finding something in common with me. At least white [and black] male rappers both have dicks and they’re American. But for me, I’m a white woman from Australia. I get it, but I think we have a lot more in common than they think.”

Source: Complex