After The Oscars, Stacy Dash went behind stage to read a lot of the mean tweets she had received after her appearance. Dash also spoke a little about her awkward appearance. She says people did not clap for her nor did they boo, but you can tell she was pretty uncomfortable. Dash was given the roll of the new director of minority outreach by Chris Rock as part of a funny monologue. Im not sure many others considered this to be funny.

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Dash says she was kinda disappointed at the response of the audience. The media is very harsh so of course they held no hunches when it came to Stacy. Stacey says a lot of people do not agree with her and have a lot of negative things to say about her. She says that she will continue to feel the way she feels. She says she believes we are all equal to one another. Dash says she is happy with what she said. Honestly, that is all that matters at this point. Long as Stacey approves.

Check out the video below.

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