Steven Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zeller, says she has found evidence to prove her client is not guilty of murdering Teresa Halbach. Avery even has fans who think he is innocent. They petitioned that he be free’d. The evidence that Zeller has can prove that Avery was framed for Halbach’s murder.

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It has been reported that Halbach’s death certificate was made available through Freedom of Information requests. The certificate says the body was not found but then it goes on to say there was an autopsy done. Thats really weird. Another weird thing with the death certificate is the cause of death had “undetermined” crossed out and “homicide” written instead.

Thats not all thats going crooked with this case. Halbach’s death certificate was given on November 10, 2005. However, Calumet County coroner were given Halbach’s bone fragments on November 9. Although the bones were not completely identified until January 19, the death certificate says December 5. Avery was charged on November 9. It seems as though the death certificate was rushed just so Avery can be charged. There is a lot of questionable things going on in this case.

Lets see how this one unfolds.

Source: Complex