After Kanye West vowed to never release his latest project, ‘The Life of Pablo’ anywhere but TIDAL, one fan took the initiative to upload the album to another site – Pornhub. The album was featured on the site earlier this week, but has since been removed. In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, Pornhub’s Vice President explains how they believe the album got there and why they think it’s a good idea for Kanye West to release music through the site.

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According to Pornhub’s VP Corey Price, “We received a DMCA takedown notice we assume it was not uploaded by Kanye, but you never know.” Prince went on to explain why a Kanye West exlusive Pornhub release would be a great idea for ‘TLOP’ rapper. He said, “An exclusive release of Kanye’s music on Pornhub would be a big boost for him, and would improve his financial situation.” (ICYMI, Kanye revealed earlier this year that he’s $53 million in debt).

While, ‘The Life of Pablo’ has already been removed maybe Pornhub can persuade Ye to release his forthcoming project  Turbo Grafx 16 on the site this summer. Stay tuned…..

**Incase you were wondering, the VP also added,  Kanye’s  “The New Workout Plan”  is the perfect song for masturbating. He said, the classic record  has “the perfect beat for masturbation.”

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