It’s looking a little quiet for New Jersey rapper, RetcH. The A$AP Mob affiliate is now facing a minimum of 10 years for multiple charges, stemming from a botched robbery.

NJ.com reports that the 23-year-old has been charged with entering a residence while armed, armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, using a 17-year-old or younger to, or conspire to, enter a residence and commit an armed robbery with firearms.

According to the prosecutor, RetcH‘s two co-defendants snitched on him, or as they put it in legal terms, he’s “been implicated in those allegations by both a co-defendant and victims.” He’s also got two more pending cases for shoplifting and weed possession.

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RetcH appeared in court via video from jail yesterday, and asked the judge, “Is there any way I can get a bond? I just want a fair shot to fight this from the street.” His bail has been set at $150k.

You never know with RetcH, though. He may be able to turn this around!

Source: NJ