We all remember the Florida teen that got arrested for opening his own clinic and posing as a doctor right? Well he has now been arrested yet AGAIN on more fraud charges. Malachi Love-Robinson has allegedly stole $35,000 from one of his patients. Apparently Robinson could not keep up with his car and credit card payments so he used a elderly patients credit card info to take care of his debt.

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The Florida teen has been booked on five more counts of fraud not including the seven other fraud charges he has against him. Officials are also ordering Robinson to take a mental health evaluation.
Andrew Stine, Robinson’s attorney has called his client “entrepreneurial” and “brilliant,” for opening up a clinic and impersonating a doctor at just 18.

“I think that it’s uncommon for an 18-year-old person to open a doctor’s clinic and I think — given the situation of those facts — I think the state is going to continue to look very deeply and unturn every piece of evidence or every piece of fact that can lead to a criminal charge and/or arrest. This may not be the end of what occurs with the criminal charges on Mr. Love-Robinson.”

Crazy part is, Robinson still feels as though he is innocent and did nothing wrong! I would love to know the results of that evaluation.

Source: TSR