Katt Williams has been the talk of the media for a few days now and it is not a good thing. Lets run it down. He has been accused of punching a man and a woman in the face, stealing five women’s phone’s, assaulting a store clerk, AND coming after Kevin Hart. Williams is just on a roll. Tyrell Williams, the man who was uppercutted by Williams now speaks out on what exactly happened.

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Williams said Katt had not reason to assault him the way he did. He claims his lip was busted and he also lost a took. Williams said,

“He ended up walking in and smacked my phone out of my hand. I bent down to pick it up. When I picked it up he punched me twice.”

Katt’s attorney, William Briggs, released a statement saying,

“There was a man who grabbed my client and I know that he went to defend himself and that’s when the scuffle ensued.”

Source: WSHH