Draymond Green reportedly went off on his teammates and even coach Steve Kerr during halftime of their game against OKC back on February 27th and it is still being talked about. The Warriors wound up winning that game thanks to Steph Curry’s heroics and are still winning games the way they have so apparently Green’s “blow up” is a thing of the past for the Warriors themselves. While the team has seemed to move on, members of the media are reporting behind the scenes things are still not all good, an opinion to which Green definitely does not agree with.


ESPN.com’s Ethan Strauss and Royce Young discussed the state of each team including the Warriors and Strauss’ report on the team was that the tension caused by Draymond was “concerning”. For those who don’t know, Strauss is the beat reporter for the Warriors so if anyone would know it would be him. With that said, Draymond didn’t take kindly to the report, accusing Strauss of “click baiting” with his headlines.

For his credit, Strauss didn’t back down from Green, fans or even Green’s mother, who always chimed in before being called out herself and admitting she didn’t even read the report in question.

With a team that is 55-5 and on pace to rewrite NBA history you wouldn’t expect much drama to be around but pro athletes are a quirky bunch at times and egos can run rampant even when they shouldn’t.

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