In addition to the drugs and alcohol found in Bobbi Kristina’s body, there was also scars and bruises found on her. The autopsy shows depressions in Bobbi’s skull as well as bruises on her thighs and her arms. There were healed scars on her head, neck and torso.

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Bobbi Kristina was only 95 lbs when she died. Doctors say she was malnourished. Her boyfriend Nick Gordon still says he is innocent even though we have no idea whether or not the death was accidental. Bobbi’s family believes that she died after her and Gordon had a violent altercation and he injected her with a toxic mixture. There is a civil suit going on against Gordon and that is what it is claiming. Sources that are close to Gordon believes that the autopsy actually clears his name. They said,

“She had drugs in her system, and this wasn’t a cocktail. Nick didn’t inject drugs into her. Sadly, Bobbi Kristina used drugs for a long time, and she drowned in her bathtub. It’s a tragedy, but Nick didn’t kill her.”

The bruises and scars don’t help Nick Gordon any. As the case unfolds, we shall see what happens.

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