Kanye West says he will no longer be making anymore CD’s. Looks like Mr.West is resorting to only streaming his projects.

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Kanye tweeted,

“I was thinking about not making CDs ever again… Only streaming. the Yeezus album packaging was an open casket to CDs r.i.p,”

The CD, ‘Yeezus,’ was a blank CD with a red strip of tape over it. He goes on to say,

“uuuuuuum, so there it is… No more CDs from me.”

Kanye then stopped talking about his music and went on to talk about his personality saying,

question… Why do people not want me to be me? I want people to be the best version of themselves and I will be the best version of me. Growing and learning but not being told to stop …not being stunted. please avoid trying to talk me out of being me in the future.”

Well okay Kanye.

Source: HiphopDX