According to Apple, Kevin Gates’ album Islah outsold international pop star Rihanna’s 8th studio album ANTI. If that’s true, this has been the week for the underdogs. Hit the jump.

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Gates album sold well over 100,000 copies first week – to much of everyone’s suprise. RiRi’s album was released the same week and did 1 million before it even came out, but that was because Samsung purchased those copies to give to their users.

Now in an interview, Gates says someone from Apple told him he actually debuted at no.1 instead of the reported no.2 and actually outsold Rihanna when you take away the million copies Samsung bought.

Kevin on the allegations:

“Samsung paid for Rihanna’s CDs and that’s not fair, so you’re really #1. This what that lady said.”

ANTI entered the Billboard’s Top 200 chart at #27 and was certified platinum by the RIAA since Samsung bought 1 million copies of the project. Although, Billboard didn’t count those numbers and reported ANTI’s sales as 15,896 album equivalent units sold, 460 album sales and more than 4 million streams. ANTI physical CDs were out for sale the following week.

Watch the full interview below: