Chris Brown
Chris Brown is too through with all the lawsuits being thrown his way. Back in January 2015, Chris Brown was performing at a club when a fight broke out. Moments later, shots were fired. A San Francisco State University student is suing Chris Brown over the incident.

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Soon after Chris said, “Oh them n*ggas getting it in over there!” shots went off. There were five people injured. One man by the name of Paul Briley is suing Chris for the damages. Mark Garagos, Chris Brown’s lawyer says,

“While the shooting was horrific and senseless, Mr. Brown had no duty to ensure that a nightclub he did not own, possess or control had the expensive and burdensome security measures that plaintiff unreasonably demands.”

Briley is a 22-year-old student at San Francisco State University. He claims he suffers nerve damage after being shot in the foot at the club. The victim claims that someone is always getting hurt at Brown’s concerts. He even bought up the time where Suge Knight was shot at one of Chris’s shows. Garagos filed a request for dismissal saying,

“Plaintiff fails to allege any facts indicating that Mr. Brown’s purported negligence was the proximate cause of the wild and indiscriminate shooting. Plaintiff’s threadbare claims are woefully inadequate.”

Source: TSR