Social media can be your best friend as a celebrity…or your worst enemy. “Fans” are known for their outlandish comments just because they don’t think celebs will answer them, but sometimes they do! Jermaine Dupri hopped on Instagram yesterday to wish Bow Wow a happy birthday, reflecting on all their years of work together, when a man started to accuse JD of molesting the beloved hip-hop duo Kriss Kross, 17 years ago. Hit the jump to see what this is all about.

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The man went to claim that Kris Kross had a lawsuit against Dupri that Kris Kross allegedly won, but it was kept from the public (not like today where keeping anything from the public is next to impossible.)

“Yea 17 years ago u were molesting Kriss Kross even had a lawsuit which they won but it was kept from the public”

Dupri replied with saying:

“You must be outta your f*cking mind!! @buzz4ever I should sue you for writing this disrespectful sh*t on my page FOH!!!”

Will we see another lawsuit? Check the gallery above for the actual accusations.