Donald Trump has been slammed with a lawsuit by a former model of his Trump Model Management. According to recent reports by ABC News, 21 year-old Alexia Palmer, is suing the company for $225,000 on claims of racketeering, breach of contract, mail fraud, and violating wage laws for immigrants. The model was discovered at a talent show by a local agency in Jamaica. The lawsuit claims, Trump’s company violated immigration laws by issuing her tan H-1B work visa and never followed through on the wages she was promised.

Palmer claims over the course of three years working for the agency she made a total of $4,985 despite, being promised a $75,000 annual income and then was hit with a $4,000 administrative fee on top of a 20 percent deduction for management fees. She was also required to pay of her own walking lessons and dermatology appointments.

Palmer told ABC News Thursday, “That’s what slavery people do.”

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Palmer continued, “You work and don’t get no money. I was very excited because all the girls in Jamaica wanted to be signed with an agency [in New York],” she said. “When I went there, they were telling me… I’m going to sign with an agency and my life is going to change.”

Trump Model Mangement dismissed the claims blaming not paying the model on a lack of work and her popularity in the fashion industry. Trump’s attorney, Alan Garten, said, “Anything she’s saying about being treated as a slave is completely untrue,” adding, “The greater demand for the model, the better that model does. In the case of the individual you’re talking about, there wasn’t — unfortunately — a lot of demand for the model.”

Michael Wildes, the attorney who issued the H-1B visas for Trump’s models, says the promise of $75,000 was “aspirational.” He added, “Our position is the application was proper when filed,” continuing, “They anticipated an employer-employee relationships. Circumstances changed, and now they’re going to duke it out.”