The Cleveland Browns made the move everyone expected them to make by releasing Johnny Manziel this morning. Some folks were surprised they took this long but it’s now official and Johnny football is a free agent. Now the question is where will he land, if anywhere at all.


He leaves with two years remaining on his four-year $8,248,596 contract — $7,998,596 of which was guaranteed. And the Browns have only two victories in his six starts to show for all their millions and troubles.

In two seasons there were not many positive things to speak on during Manziel’s time in Cleveland. There was alot of partying, domestic issues off the field, lack of progression on the field, a stint in rehab and more.

The Browns moved up in the 2014 NFL draft to select Manziel with the 22nd overall pick but it appears that will be a move they regret for a while.

Because of his recent domestic issues and outright lack of production on the field, it could be a while before any team is interested enough to bring him in for a talk. He likely will not be in the league next season at all. The talent that made everyone fall in love with his game might still be there but he needs help working on everything, both professionally and personally if he wants to ever live up to his name.