Mark Sanchez might have one last chance at being a starting quarterback in the NFL and it will come in the shadows of one of the best to ever play the game. The Denver Broncos have reportedly traded for Mark Sanchez from the Eagles and at least for now it appears Sanchez will be the successor to Peyton Manning and the team that just won Super Bowl 50. No pressure Mark!


Personally I still don’t think Sanchez is that bad and can be pretty good in the right situation. Going to a team that just won it all is usually a great thing but to follow behind Peyton Manning is not a position most quarterbacks would want. Not too mention that within the next few months, the Broncos could look like a total different squad than the one that won the Super Bowl.

Now just because they traded for Sanchez doesn’t mean they are done looking for a QB. He will only be paid about $4.5 million this season which allows them to still focus on going after another possible starting quarterback if they wanted.

The Eagles will receive a conditional draft pick.