Scott Storch’s rollercoaster of a career continues, this time with his girlfriend spilling the beans that a couple of music executive’s actually threatened to have him killed by a ‘Mafia hit man’ after a contract breach. Hit the jump for this.

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Scott’s girlfriend, Florence Mirsky, included the threat in recently filed court documents after Brad and Seth Cohen sued the producer in January for breaching their contract. She says both her and her boyfriend’s lives were threatened, so they moved to California to stay with family where they would be safe.

Mirsky continued by saying the Cohens tried to coerce the producer to sign a contract with them by evicting him and taking away his Rolls Royce.

“He stated to me that he had no opportunity to show it to an attorney.”

“And the Cohens threatened him physically if he did not sign it the moment it was presented to him.”

The Cohens sued Storch saying he relapsed on drugs that he reportedly agreed to abstain from, while they helped him to get his music career back on track. The producer filed for bankruptcy in June, claiming just $3,600 in total assets.