IFWT_iPhone 7 Concept
And it begins….it’s that time of the year where all tech geeks start to get ants in their pants, that time when diff types of images for the next iPhone( iPhone 7 ) start to pop up and cause a whole lot of speculation!

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The big rumor right now for the iPhone 7 is Apple will get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack, leaving the newest iDevice in a strictly wireless situation. As many people that complain about the wires for Apples Ear pods/buds getting tangled you would think this would be a welcomed feature, BUT surprising enough, there has been a bit of an uproar as many people are not found of the idea of having headphones they may lose track of, some are also worried they’d have to repurchase new wireless headphones to replace the bigger over the ear headphones they may be using with their phone.

It looks like these images in the wild will confirm said rumors(for now)! These images seem to be something that Foxconn would have received in order to start a build for the otter casing, they not only show the iPhone 7 will be slim and round, but there is a lack of a hole where the 3.5mm jack would be. There is also the fact that the antenna wiring has changed from he sides to the top and bottom. BGR is also reporting that instead of the jack, a 2nd speaker will be in place, making those speaker calls much more audible.

The 2nd image is really just a rock up based on the ‘leaked image’, and of course made to get us ready to see the real sexy beast ☺️. Another rumor for the iPhone 7/7Plus is the dual camera, but the mock up on this doesn’t have it, but from what I’ve heard, that rumor is relegated to just the 7Plus, Not the 7.

Other big rumors for the next level iPhone are; wireless charging functionality, a larger capacity battery, improved camera technology, a speedy A10 processor, and perhaps, a 256GB model. Stay tuned to #HotinTech(1st episode coming soon!!), if you want to know the real in Technology!!!