Seems like Chris Brown can never catch a break. The woman who was once arrested for trespassing at Chris Brown’s house, has now filed a restraining order against him. She claims that Brown will not stop harassing her over social media.

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Back in December, Danielle Patti drove on to Chris Brown’s property and refused to leave when asked by security. She was then arrested for criminal trespass. Patti says that this is actually not what happened. She claims she was trying to leave but someone’s car had hers blocked in. In her story, Chris called the cops on her and she was arrested but all charges against her were cleared. Story does not sound right but thats neither here nor there. Patti claims that she and Chris use to date. She says that Brown harasses her on social media and tells her he wants to see her dead. The restraining order was granted to Patti. They also must appear at a court hearing soon. I kinda feel for Chris. Seems like if it isn’t one thing its another. He cant be that much of a bad person. At least I hope.

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