Seems like Katt Williams can not catch a break either these days. A woman is now suing Williams because she says he once beat her and then put a spell on her.

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Jamila Majesty says two years ago, she went to Williams’s Malibu home. Upon arrival she says there were 5 other woman there. She says she used Williams’s bathroom and he flipped. He allegedly said, “No one uses [my] bathroom.”
Majesty says the 5 woman who were there then started to beat her for three hours. She claims she lost consciousness several times and was burned with a cigarette by Williams himself.

Majesty then says things took a awkward turn when one of the woman grabbed a book that contained “teachings on sorcery and spells.” She says there was a fire that was being fed by “unusual things.” Majesty claims she left the house bloody at around 1:30 AM. She never called police because she feared Williams would come after her for revenge. She has now decided to sue Williams for assault and battery, false imprisonment and emotional distress.

Source: TMZ