Due to pressure from animal rights activist, SeaWorld has announced that they will no longer be breeding Killer Whales. The decision came after SeaWorld Entertainment Inc pledged back in November to replace their well known “Shamu” killer whale shows with “modified presentations of the animals that focused on conservation.”

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SeaWorld President Joel Manby released a statement saying,

“We don’t need all these theatrical ‘tricks.'” The park will use birth control which will stop the reproduction within their Killer Whales. The Sea World parks which are in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio, has 29 killer whales. Five of those were captured in the wild while the others were born in captivity.

Many people have criticized Sea World for their treatment of the Whales. after three orcas died at SeaWorld San Antonio within a six-month span in 2015, the intensity of the criticism skyrocketed. The company says,

“We have the highest standard of care for all animals at our parks.”

Source: Reuters