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Tyler Perry and Oprah were once very close friends but as of now, it seems like the two aren’t on good terms. The celebs had a falling out with one another, and things just aren’t the same, according to sources.

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Back in 2012, Tyler brought three of his original TV shows to Oprah’s OWN network, For Better or Worse, Love Thy Neighbor and The Haves and the Have Nots. It was nothing but love and good vibes between the two at the time, but things changed fast.

“Oprah was very involved in watching Tyler develop them creatively and they even shot promos together with her as Miss Sophia from The Color Purple and he as Madea.

They went on to say, “But that relationship has soured in the last six months because Oprah finds Tyler difficult to work with and he doesn’t take constructive criticism well at all.”

Things started to get shaky when Oprah suggested to Perry that he should possibly hire some additional script writers to help with the development of his shows.

The source went on to explain, “He told her, ‘Aren’t the shows delivering ratings for the network? Well, then let me do what I do and you can keep your focus group research to yourself’.” Oprah then reminded Perry that the only reason he was brought over to the OWN network was because he lost his deal at TBS. OOOUUUCCCHHH – shots fired.

Source: Fameolous