Kevin Durant will be the biggest prize on the free agent market this summer and he wants to be treated like it. While any team who has the money to sign him will no doubt make the effort, according to reports KD really wants to feel like a King. In this case I’m referring to King James.


In 2010, Lebron James was the most sought after free agent in NBA history. He eventually signed with the Heat but it was after a circus show that lasted about a week or so. According to Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports, Durant wants that same show but maybe even bigger.

Durant is looking forward to being recruited, to being courted, to being treated like the biggest free-agent prize since LeBron James six years ago. The chances of Durant sending a simple tweet again announcing his return are virtually nonexistent, but the Thunder remain hopeful that his decision, regardless of how this season ends, is the same.

The last time Durant was a free agent, he chose a simple tweet as his method to let people know he was staying in OKC. I can guarantee that won’t happen this time.