IFWT_DeMarcus Cousins x security

DeMarcus Cousins is known to have a volatile attitude but this time he didn’t get into it with another player, his aggression was taken out on a Madison Square Garden security guard during the Kings 88-80 win over the Knicks.

via the AP:

Cousins played through his usual frustrations with the officiating and even a security guard, pushing him after he bumped into Cousins while Rajon Rondo was trying to separate his teammate from the officials at midcourt.

“Actually I think he was trying to remove me from talking to the refs, so he kind of put his hand on my back and tried to move me forward,” Cousins said. “So I don’t think it was that big of an issue, honestly.”

Former Knick and current color commentator (heavy emphasis on “color”), called Cousins “an open-faced sandwich”.  What the hell does that mean? Well…

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