LeBron James’ social media accounts have been under heavy scrutiny for the past couple weeks.  Issues with the team and losing games coupled with his cryptic tweets and hanging out with Dwyane Wade in Miami, have led people to think James will once again fly the coupe and take his talents elsewhere.  That speculation hit level red today as it was discovered that James unfollowed the Cavaliers on Twitter and Instagram.

I’m can’t attest to the validity of the app but apparently it says that James unfollowed the Cavaliers on Twitter today.  According to Sports Illustrated, LeBron has unfollowed at least nine accounts in the past 10 days according to a quick check of the last cached version of his Twitter page.

LeBron also declined to talk to the media today and stayed in Miami an extra day yesterday helping to ignite the #HeGone hashtag on Twitter, which is people saying he’s leaving Cleveland.

LeBron appears to enjoy trolling and messing with people.  When asked about his cryptic tweets, he said he has a “beautiful mind”.

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