Millionaires from all over such as the families of Disney and Rockefeller are asking to have their taxes raised to decrease poverty. The millionaires wrote Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top New York lawmakers a letter that proposed the top 1% of earners in the state have their taxes raised. The millionaires feel as though additional revenue is needed to help address those in need such as children in poverty, homelessness, aging bridges, tunnels, water pipes and also roads.

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The letter states,

“As New Yorkers who have contributed to and benefited from the economic vibrancy of our state, we have both the ability and the responsibility to pay our fair share. We can well afford to pay our current taxes, and we can afford to pay even more.”

Those who signed the letter included, Abigail Disney, Leo Hindery and Steven C. Rockefeller.

Leo Hindery says,

“As a businessman and philanthropist and as a citizen of New York state, I believe we need to invest in our people and our infrastructure. The one-percent tax plan makes it possible to make these investments, and simply asks people like me to continue to pay a higher tax rate, as we should.”

Higher taxes would be for those making $665,000 or more. Just the fact that these millionaires are willing to do this is amazing. Goes to show good people do still exist.

Source: TWP