Secure the bag alert! After inking a deal to be managed by Jay-Z in January & also revealing he has an upcoming anthem with Kendrick Lamar, the king of Snapchat goes into detail on his latest music ventures – making some of today’s biggest hip-hop headlines with his new found success. Hit the jump!

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Complex sat down with DJ Khaled at SXSW for the interview:

“Me and Jay have been friends for a long time and [have] built a relationship throughout the years. We always said we [were] gonna do something together besides making amazing music. So, I called Jigga like, ‘Let’s make history together, let’s make big business, let’s secure the bag together.'”

“I consider this a partnership. Two moguls? It’s powerful.”

Khaled also reveals his biggest unreached musical dreams are to work with Beyonce and Dr. Dre & Eminem. Watch the full interview below!

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