If you were watching the Love & Hip-Hop reunion lastnight, you may have noticed a part in the show where Cardi B was going off on someone in the crowd. Cardi started off by asking the person why they were there. She then went on to say “Remember when you told me I was just gonna be a f*cking stripper? Look at you now, watching me b*tch.” Everyone was completely lost as to who she was talking to. Well that person has now spoken out on Instagram.

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Cardi B has now responded to the woman who posted about her on Instagram.


A woman who’s Instagram name is “phuckurlikes,” has spoken out. She said,

I was not going to comment on this because I didn’t want to stoop down to this level but enough is enough! Yes that was me on the Love and Hip hop reunion and yes that dusty bitch was talking to me but what VH1 failed to do was put the whole scene. This picture shows me standing up and you can see from my gesture that I was cursing that bitch out.
So don’t let this edited scene fool you because she got a piece of my mind. Just like she said “Massiel remember when you said all I was gonna be was a stripper” well I had to remind her about herself before her rachet 15 minutes of fame. “Yea and don’t forget when you used to come to the block looking crazy you bumb ass bitch”. Everyone that knows me personally knows I’ll never stay shut specially not from a dusty ass bitch like that. Yes and all she’ll ever be is a stripper! Humble yourself bitch because your 15 minutes are almost up!

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