Looks like rapper Tyga is being sued by yet another landlord. In May, Tyga was sued by the landlord of his Calabasas home because he was not paying rent on time. In that suit, he was ordered to pay $70,000. Then last month, we heard that he was about to get evicted from his home after only being there a few months. Now THIS lawsuit! Tyga is being sued over a space that he uses for his company Egypt Last Kings Clothing. Just a little lost as to how someone can buy expensive gifts for their girlfriend but not pay rent.

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The landlord claims last June, they found the place abandoned and destroyed. He wants Tyga to pay for the property damage which he should. Tyga claims that the building was already not up to par when he got it. Hmmm.. someone’s lying. I mean Tyga doesn’t have the best property up keeping resume so its pretty hard to believe his story.

Source: Complex