Comedian Dan Bull just spoofed Kanye West’s latest album, The Life of Pablo, with his own take on his each song…for the most part. Shade? Trying to capitalize? Or just being himself…you be the judge. Hit the jump.

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On his Bandcamp page, Mr. Bull wrote:

“I put my blood sweat and tears into this – it took me nearly half an hour to record it. I think it is the greatest album of all time!”

Is he mocking Kanye when Ye said it would be the greatest album ever?? Some would say so…

The 17-song project replicates the tracklist of the original The Life of Pablo album, except “I Love Kanye” has been changed to “I Love Trademark” and there is not a “No More Parties in LA”. You can stream the parody work on Spotify below…I guess TLOP did make it’s way somehow out of Tidal’s tight grip after all…