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It appears the beef between Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner is back on.  The two previously came together to say there’s no beef between them but Broner is mad at Mayweather again for basically the same reason as before; Floyd spoke badly about him in public rather than in private.

Floyd Mayweather spoke to Fight Hype about Broner throwing change in the air at Wal-Mart and the comparison of their careers.  Here’s a few of the quotes:

 “Actually, a lot of people in the store didn’t know who he was. They was looking like, “Who are you?” And then, it’s so crazy, if you’re at such a high status and you reached a certain level, you’re supposed to have people going to Walmart for you.

By the time I was his age, I was a much bigger star. I fought a lot better competition than he’s fought, you know; not knocking him, you know, because he only can fight who they put in front of him.”

Broner posted a video response to Mayweather.  Here’s a few of those quotes:

“Floyd talking about me again…this has happened on multiple occasions…Real ni**as don’t do this type of sh*t.  If you my so called big brother when we together, side to side, we all big bro, little bro, I wanna see you do this, I wanna see you surpass me and then when you do an interview, you talk bad about me….you burning money in the club, but I ain’t say nothing about that…stop talking bad about me.”

“I’m starting to feel like you saying f*ck me, so it’s f*ck you”

“I just feel like you a good hearted ni**a and you might wanna help somebody, but you’ll help somebody for them to do good enough, they might do great, but you don’t want them to do better than you.”

He talked about supporting Mayweather during his domestic violence cases and more.  He also says Mayweather could’ve called him to tell him he’s doing something wrong rather than saying it in the public.

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