IFWT_Stephen A Glenn Robinson

Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson did NOT accept Stephen A. Smith’s quasi-apology Tuesday morning, instead he fired back at Smith and flipped the script on him.

Robinson sent TMZ a video response to Stephen A’s comments on “First Take” in which he kinda apologized for bringing up old beef but said he stands by what he said.

Smith called Robinson a racial hypocrite, claiming Glenn talked about helping black coaches succeed in the NBA only to treat his former 76ers coach Randy Ayers (who’s black) like “trash” while treating his white coach George Karl with the utmost respect.

Robinson flipped the script on Smith calling him a racist for suggesting he treat Karl badly.  He also called Smith a hypocrite because he’s Skip Bayless’ crash course dummy on First Take.

Robinson also said he only offered to fight him so they can finally end their decade long beef.

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