IFWT_No Drugs
This chick was about to go through TSA security, dressed in her JetBlue uniform, with 70 lbs of coke in her bags before security called for a random check. Usually flight attendants don’t get random checks, but a security guard just hit the jackpot when this girl dropped everything and went running!! Hit the jump!

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When asked for her i.d, authorities say the unknown woman appeared nervous. So before she would incriminate herself, she gathered her stuff and fled the scene before realizing the bags were too heavy for her to run off with in her Gucci heels (she ditched those too), bolting down an up escalator.

McClain, head of the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association stated:

“With her bringing this amount of narcotics in the airport, chances are this wasn’t her first time through. We’re hoping this is a wake-up call to airport management as well as federal legislators.”

The whole ordeal was of course captured on surveillance footage, but is yet to be released so keep an eye out for that!! When caught, the woman will be facing felony charges, as the drugs were booked into evidence. LAX has yet to comment.