There was a suspicious package found at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport which promoted officials to evacuate the airport. Airport spokesman Reese McCranie says “ATL officials continue to work with law enforcement to investigate the incident.”

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At 9:41am, there was a unattended bag found in the south terminal. The bag received “received a positive hit” from the K9 explosives team. Officials have not spoke on what was inside the bag. Atlanta police Officer D.T. Hannah says, “the package has been cleared.”

Michael Jones accounted the situation saying,

“All of a sudden we saw people running. At that point, we saw gate officials running, telling us to: ‘Get out! Get out! Run! Active shooter in the airport! Run! Run!’ It was just like a stampede. Everyone started running.”

Both Hannah and McCranie says there was no active shooter at the airport. Officials just wanted to be cautious. People were let back in at around 10pm. Thats really creepy! I honestly would have been very scared.

Source: TSR || AJC