One thing about this tables, they always turn. Usually Donald Trump is always suing people. Now, someone is sung him. Trump is being sued for using the image of a bad eagle as apart of his campaign.

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The suit is being filed by a wildlife photographer. Wendy Shatil and Rover Lozinski are the photographers who took the picture. They said Trump used the picture without their permission. The lawsuit says,

“In 1980, Rozinski created ‘Bald Eagle Portrait,’ an iconic photographic image of a bald eagle,” the claim states. “The Photograph captures a piercing, intimate, eye-to-eye moment with this majestic creature with near-perfect symmetry against a flawless sky blue background.”

“It would be difficult, as perhaps an understatement, to recreate such an image given the challenge of replicating and capturing such a fleeting moment in nature,” the suit continues.

“That Rozinski captured this moment at all is remarkable considering that when created, the American bald eagle faced extirpation in North America due to poisonous DDT pesticide use, among other factors.”

Source: Complex