No respect. This “fan” wished Wale passed away instead of the legendary Phife Dawg. Cold hearted world let me tell ya…a surprise celebrity came to Wale’s aid though! Hit the jump.

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Some clown on Twitter @justboolin tweeted out “RIP Phife Dawg, should of been @Wale”…

This time I give it to Folarin for responding in the least angry way he possible could when he tweeted back:

” I hope some of my fans bother u on Twitter all day . Ur sick and have no respect @justboolin”

Than to a surprise appearance came former WWF wrestler Scott Hall who responded to Wale with some positivity:

“Brother that’s just what that nothing happening jabroney. Don’t sweat the trolls. See you in Dallas.”

No mercy on twitter these days. RIP to PHIFE!!