Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls was in his feelings last night and he should be. His Bulls just finished being defeated by the Knicks at MSG, one night after suffering the same fate from the Knicks back in Chicago. The Bulls are fighting for the playoffs while the Knicks are already planning vacations for May and that fact wasn’t lost on Gibson, who was “embarrassed” with the effort of teammates.


“Hell yeah, I’m embarrassed,” Gibson said after the Bulls’ 106-94 defeat. “I take pride in wearing this jersey. I love wearing the Bulls jersey. Especially what we’ve been through, I take pride in playing for Chicago. When I wear that jersey, I try to go out there and play my heart out. And it’s frustrating when we come up short, and we look at ourselves, we’re losing to … I don’t want to criticize any[body], [but] trash teams. Everybody’s in the NBA for a reason, but we’re playing against teams that are not playing for anything, and we’re just laying down. It feels like now we’re a target. It feels like teams are not taking us serious.

“Teams are more eager to play us. [In years prior,] it was vice versa. They knew we were coming in to punch people in the face and keep playing. It’s just, it’s hard, man. It really eats me up inside. It’s really hard to sleep at night knowing it’s coming down to the wire, and our effort isn’t there. It’s really frustrating.”

Notice, he politely called the Knicks “trash”, as well as a couple other not so great team the Bulls have lost to recently.

With the loss the Bulls fell 1.5 games back of the Pistons for the 8th seed in the East, which is something nobody would have thought before the season when the Bulls were favorites to push the Cavs.

“Tonight, I’ve never been so frustrated and mad before,” Gibson said. “It was disappointing, man, just real disappointing. I’m just tired of having these same talks with [the media] every night. About how we got to do better. … [Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg’s] right. We got to look ourselves [in the mirror]. I look at myself in the mirror every night, and I try to do different things every night. Still got how many more games left? We’ve got 11 more games left. It’s really do or die, and it’s really frustrating. We got to want it. We got to want it. Sometimes I feel we want it, sometimes I don’t know if we’re kidding ourselves or not.”

Gibson should be feeling like this because the Bulls have severely underachieved this season and at a time when they should be locked in for a playoff run, they appear to be lazy and uninspired.