Marijuana is legal in some places but Indiana is not one of them. Rapper Twista was in Valparaiso, IN for a show he was supposed at a club called Big Shots but the Chicago rapper was pulled over in a Rolls Royce on his way to the club. According to the officers, they stopped the car because it was following too closely to the truck in front of it. However, when the officer approached the vehicle, he smelled marijuana.

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Twista was arrested for having marijuana in his car on his way to a club that he was supposed to perform at in Indiana. The car was pulled over because it was following a truck to close. When pulled over thr police officer smelled marijuana.

The vehicle was searched by police as Twista, the driver and other passengers waited outside of the car. Police found what they were looking for because all four people that were in the car were arrested. Twista was released around 4am after posting $500 bail.

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Source: Instagram