Lebron James was throwing some temper tantrums on the court last night but you can’t really blame him. If your team was losing to the bum Brooklyn Nets you would be pretty upset too. There were a couple different times cameras caught the King venting his frustrations with his teammates and their lack of defense.


Lebron himself had a great game, shooting 13-16 from the floor, finishing with 30 points but it was clear he was not happy with the rest of the guys and their effort. The Nets beat the Cavs 104-95, which included being outscored 14-3 in the final 6:11 of the fourth quarter.

As you will see, Bron was not happy with how things were going.

After the game, Bron tried to channel his anger and put things on his shoulders.

“I just need to do more,” James said Thursday after a 104-95 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. “Just need to do more, and I have been able to do that, except for tonight, for the most part.”

Asked to elaborate on what “more” meant, James replied: “It’s everything.”

The Cavs better get in gear with the playoffs approaching but I have a feeling Lebron will make sure everyone is ready.