Any memorabilia attached to baseball legends like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and so on can always expect to fetch a pretty penny when it comes time to sell it. It really doesn’t matter what type of item it is, the legend of these famous players lives continues to live in the hearts of fans and enthusiasts. For example, a glove that Babe Ruth used more than 100 years ago is set to break the million dollar mark at auction next month.


The catcher’s mitt dates back to 1912 … when Ruth attended St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys in Baltimore and played on the baseball team. He later gave the glove to a kid — and the family held onto it for decades.

The mitt’s been on display at the Babe Ruth Museum since 1993 — but now the family has decided the time is right to sell and hooked up with Goldin Auctions to make it happen.

The auction will take place in New York City with an opening bid of $125,000. Due to the amount of collectors expected to attend and how deep their pockets are, the auction house expects it won’t take long for the number to reach seven figures.

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