Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t get the best reviews from critics but also not the worst. The Batman v Superman movie set the record for the largest worldwide opening of all time this weekend. According to comicbook.com, the movie made $424 million worldwide, with $254 million coming from over seas and roughly around $170 in North America. That’s enough for the global record, although it’s not the largest opening ever domestically. The title still is held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ $247 million opening weekend in North America.

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did not go over well with the critics but it did make some major bucks opening weekend at the box office coming in with $424 million worldwide. The big box office hit must be a relief to Warner Brothers because the films production budget ballooned from an announced $131 million in 2014, to a rumored total of more than $250 million when the film finally wrapped up.

Other movies that hot theaters this weekend might of had it rough cause the two most iconic superheros of all time were set to fight each other on the big screen. This weekend’s No. 2 movie was Zootopia, which brought in $23.1 million domestically in its fourth week. In the No. 3 spot was My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which brought in $18.1 million in North America in its debut weekend.

Source: Complex