Ahhh man, this wasn’t even expected, Instagram Adds Longer Video! IG just posted to their blog the giant platform is rolling out longer video, a full minute!! Imagine the info you’re going to be able to watch, all the tea that will be able to be consumed, the memes…oh the meme’s….

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Instagram Adds Longer Video, AND for iOS users, they will be able to add multiple clips from the camera roll(Vine style), people should stop the stressing the new algorithm. The thought of people not being able to see their timeline the way their used to seeing it is causing all types of panic, and the pic of ‘turning on notifications’ has been passed around a lot, but that’s actually going to hurt the very page you’re trying to always see!! With the fact the new algorithm is in play being beta tested, it could very well be collecting data. If you don’t know, this algorithm learns from what you do, good(positive) and bad(negative), so when you follow someone/a page, that’s positive, but when you’ve turned on 10 or more pages, the notifications may become extremely annoying, you may feel like taking hit down a few levels and turn off some of these pages….well guess what, you just impacted them negatively, and not only will you not get the notifications, you taught the algorithm that you really don’t want to see these pages, so they will end up at the bottom of your feed! Congratulations, you just played yourself ?.