Ok here we go….lmao. So amidst all the Katt Williams controversy, there were some details being hid from the public concerning his home raid in Georgia of weed and guns a couple weeks ago. Well now those details have been released by none other than his own family, with hopes of having their beloved Katt hospitalized because they think he needs help (or so they can get his money). It turns out during that raid when the Police came in, they discovered there was a naked Katt Williams covered in chocolate…and in whip cream. Hit the jump.

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I don’t know what this man has been on but damn. After the leaking of his personal sex/food info Katt has fired his team for purposely trying to get him put away, according to TMZ.

Although, he doesn’t deny being all lathered up in sweets during the raid because he “likes a b**ch to lick it off him before he gets f**ked to sleep.” Classic Katt.