As you know, Lamar Odom had a near fatal overdose that took him months to recover from.  He’s seems to be doing much better, but now it looks like he’s playing with fire after he was spotted boozing at an Irish bar early Easter Sunday morning just hours before he went to church with the Kardashians.

TMZ Sports spoke with multiple staffers and patrons at the bar who say Odom arrived to Johnny O’Brien pub in Sherman Oaks, CA with two unidentified male friends just before midnight on Saturday and stayed until around 1 AM on Sunday.

Staffers confirmed Odom ordered three Remy Martin drinks and paid for them himself.

Hours later, Odom was spotted at church with Khloe Kardashian and company and he was wearing the same sweatshirt, shades and chain. He was holding a Starbucks coffee cup.

Odom has substance abuse issues which makes this situation a little concerning.  His body has been through a lot, he suffered multiple strokes and organ damage due to the overdose, so drinking might be the last thing you’d expect to see him do.

photos here on TMZ.

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