A little lost because just a few hours ago, Karrine Steffans went on Twitter to prove that she and her ‘husband’ Columbus Short were back in good standings. Well now, Steffans has took to her Instagram to show that short is married to another woman.

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Steffans says she loves her husband but he has a problem and he needs help. She goes on to say,

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue that affects families and marriages worldwide. It breeds violence and lies, resentment and hate. It hurts. I love my husband and as always, I will and do forgive him for all his poor decisions. Some addicts refuse treatment at the urging of family and friends when done in private, and only seek help when brought to task publicly–when the public charade has been unveiled. Sometimes, this is the only way to save a life. My husband’s issues have been public knowledge for years, and yes, I chose love him anyway. It is my sincerest hope that @officialcshort gets the professional help he needs and I will be there to support him when or if he does. With or without this license, he is my husband. As embarrassing and humiliating as this time is, it may be necessary. No radio interview he gives can negate the facts. There are photos, audio and police records that point to the truth, all of which I keep closely guarded. My hope is that I never feel the need to defend myself publicly against his public rants, accusations, half truths, and lies, for these are the traits of an addict and those dealing with mental illness. He is a wonderful man. He truly is. But even the greatest of men lose their way when substances are involved. I pray I can find the high road and take it, now. I will not disparage him any further. It has been difficult to keep private matters private when I have been afraid for my physical well-being time and time again. Some secrets kill in more ways than one. But, there is help available to us. I choose to take the help and I am praying he finally does the same. My love stands, no matter what he says and does. Thank you to all who have supported us and I apologize for our public displays. They’re gross. But there is a sickness here that needs to be healed and prayer alone hasn’t been enough. @officialcshort, I love you and I hope to see you on the other side of this. I hope we are stronger and better as individuals, no matter the state of our union. Be well.

I really pray that this couple can get it together man.

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