Adrien Broner has had a warrant out for his arrest stemming from assault and robbery charges back in Cincinnati, yet he has remained free. Clearly it is good to have celebrity status but according to reports Broner is supposed to turn himself in after his fight tonight with Ashley Theophane.


It is unknown exactly when Broner will turn himself in because it’s not like he will literally do it tonight after the fight but I can assume it will happen within a couple days. Police in Cincinnati have been relaxed in their pursuit of him because they have the assumption he will surrender within a reasonable amount of time following the bout. Bond has been set at $100,000.

In a lawsuit filed Feb. 5, Christopher Carson claims Broner lost $14,000 in bowling bets to him. When Carson left the bowling alley, the suit alleges, Broner and eight men were waiting for him. According to the suit, Broner knocked Carson unconscious, and when he awoke, he was missing $12,000 in cash. The suit also charges Broner was armed.

Broner failed to make weight for his fight tonight so he already has to pay Theophane an extra $50,000 as a penalty. That number will likely pale in comparison to how much it’s going to cost him to get out of his legal situation, if it can get out of it at all. He is facing some very serious charges.

For his part, at least at the moment, Broner is doing what he can to focus on the fight only. “Anything is tough when you have a lot of things coming your way,” Broner said. “I have tunnel vision. It’s fight time. I’m locked in until I get the job done. Right now I have to focus on this fight. I’m keeping my mind in the right state. I’m not just doing this for me. It’s for my family. It’s bigger than me.”

If he somehow loses this fight tonight his career will be in the toilet after unimpressive showings recently and the public slowly turning on him and his antics.