Coming into last night, The Warriors hadn’t lost a game in front of their home crowd in over a year, 54 games to be exact. After last night, The Warriors home win streak came to a halt as the Boston Celtics came into town and played them tough and walked out with a huge win.


The Warriors now need to win five of their final six games in order to surpass the Bulls record of 72 wins. They will likely still get it done at this point but their chances to make it happen dropped big time after the loss.

Judging by the Celtics locker room after the game you would have thought they won the title but they earned the right to be that happy.

“We know we can beat the best teams in the league,” Isaiah Thomas said. “In our schedule, we beat a lot of the top teams. And we know we can compete. And we know we’re a team that guys don’t really want to play when it comes to the playoffs, just because of how we play and how hard we play.”

The Warriors committed a ton of turnovers and were horrible from the free throw line. The Celtics were able to withstand a crazy third quarter from Steph Curry and keep the Warriors at bay. Steph had a chance to tie the game in the final seconds but surprisingly he missed the three pointer. It was instead Thomas, who sealed the game for the Celtics.